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omfg that is just too adorable

i can show you the world


if i ever fail to reblog this, assume that i am dead

i love you so, witch cat and brave kitten

Its back

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Bees and Tumblr

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I am the last Avatar. In the end I will be just a story. So, Raava, let’s make it a good one, for old time’s sake?
- Avatar Korra, if the directors decided to teach us tearbending. (via river—black)
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Writing in my brain: Beautiful flowing sentences full of powerful phrases and enigmatically witty dialogue. 

Writing on the page: They did the thing and said some stuff. There was snark. 

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It’s horrible, I’ve spent so long reading fanfiction that I can’t read actual books anymore because it’s always about a girl who meets a boy or a girl who has to chose between two boys and I’m just like that’s great, but where is the gay. Fanfiction has ruined me

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elsannavelover asked: Queen elsa, do you ever consider to go to another country with anna? Like one that is Spanish speaker or something like that, that will be so cute!, just imagine anna trying to talk Spanish :3

wantstobuildasnowman replied:

Anna and I have traveled to other countries together, Spain being one of them. Anna doesn’t know a single phrase of Spanish, and somehow got herself involved with some roguish thugs. Lucky for her, I arrived.



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